Check out few of our Exhibitors from USA, France and UK!

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Introducing few of our Exhibitors from USA, France & UK

From USA


Steele & Edith is a fashion label creating exploratory formal garments. The technical realization in their design approach is influenced by everything that has come before them, stemming from cross-cultural heritage, respect for all aspects of the garment, and appreciation for all human forms.


LA based HYFVE have more than 23,000 clients in America, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Their biggest client are VON MAUR, DRY GOODS, GUESS, TJX, WINDSOR, AKIRA AND FASHION NOVA. They work with over 5 factories to cut & sew and develop fabrics and dye.

From France


Based in Paris since 1997. With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry; they know how to develop their business across their borders successfully.



Created 10 years ago,  a French-designed brand for both Men and Women inspired by the Army and the Naval history. It is sold mainly in France and they look forward to expanding globally.  Garments are made in France.


From England


HYMN is a contemporary casual brand founded in London, that takes traditional values of quality and workmanship and reinterprets them with a present-day aesthetic to create clothing and footwear for the modern man.



 Based on a minimalistic design and with the idea of maximum capacity and minimum weight, Cabin Zero bags stand out against most travel bags.




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